Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Before we get started, I'd like to say that the free download pattern in the entry below is a quilt designed by Cherri House of Cherry House Quilts. I'd feel badly if she didn't get credit for that beautiful work!

Now, for today's post, I'm not really the type to make New Year's Resolutions. And, I'm definitely not the type to keep them! However, when Lindsay dare's me to do something I almost always fall for it, especially if it's at all competitive.

As you long time followers know, I have been trying to lose a bit of weight, be healthier and get in shape. Well, I've been a little bit successful, but then I hit that dreaded plateau. Lindsay has been trying to do the same thing, off and on, since I've known him. In the past we have had little competitions, along with support and encouragement from each other when we're being nice, or taunting and teasing from each other the rest of the time. Maybe you remember this photo?

So, I was on the phone with the infamous Lindsay Moore yesterday. We were relaying how well we've been doing with our current workouts when we both admitted we'd been eating horribly. With this admission, a new competition was made and we thought it would be fun if you joined us!

Here's the rules:

You cannot eat the following items (and just for Lindsay, you cannot swear), if you do, you have to donate $5 to charity (we have a pot down at HQ that will be donated each time it gets full). This is a strictly "On Your Honor" competition. No cheating, your honor is worth more than 5 bucks!

No white bread
Sugar Cereals
Movie Popcorn
Ice Cream
Hot Cocoa
Hot Chocolate
Chocolate latte’s
Chocolate anything
Potato chips
Unhealthy Fast foods
Soda pop

Instead of weighing in every Wednesday, we will give you our current total and of course have a prize giveaway! If you would like to edit this list by adding your particular weakness (you'll notice Lindsay has my chocolate addiction covered) feel free. If you would like to remove anything from this list you are cheating!


NanaBeth said...

No diet Coke? This could be a deal breaker. Plus you probably change potato chips (which I don't eat anyway) to include Fritos, Doritos, Cheetos, etc. which I do eat in very large quantities!

Julie said...


All junk food is excluded really. And all pastries, etc. We put in our own weaknesses as specifics, so that neither of us could claim ignorance!

Kimmie said...

well im gonna be honest...i couldn't do it. If you took butter off the list....i could...butter is a big downfall for me because thats all i use

i dont eat white bread (wheat) i dont drink soda, or Hot Cocoa....(coffee with non fat creamer)

Good luck everyone!

Heidi Kaisand said...

I've lost 30 pounds since August 1 and nothing has to be taken off the list of what you like to eat! It's more important to practice portion control and balance!! It's finding a new "normal" eating pattern. Not easy for sure. But, oh it is worth it.

Lulu said...

Movie popcorn? No way jose! lol. That is my one true love in life, and we shall not part. ;)

Margie said...

Cookies?!?! I live on Chocolate Chip Cookies! I'm having withdrawls just thinking about it! Not sure... must dig deep and find the willpower!
Good luck to y'all :)
Happy New Year!!!

Angie said...

Oh boy, I was getting all geared up to join this challenge, and then I read the Chocolate parts... sorry, that's where I have to bow out! LOL! But I will be watching what I eat this year, and I will not be consuming a lot of what you listed... just the chocolate is a necessity for me, know what I mean? Good luck with the challenge!

vtpuggirl said...

No swearing? I guess I'm out too. :)

Natasja said...

Great idea!!!

And since it's already 12.18 AM here in the Netherlands...



Erika M. said...

Wow - you guys are doing some serious dieting!

Latisha said...

thats a long list of no no's,
good luck!!

mosaic1 said...

Okay. Let's get this over with. Where do I mail my check? And will you take it in installments?

ScrapAloha said...

LOL, Okay, I am looking forward to seeing how you all do with this one. Best of luck! I'm a by-stander for sure. I just bought a stash of cookies today. ;)

RitaS said...

No can do for me either! I have a mocha latte on Friday mornings when I meet girlfriends at the coffeehouse. Not giving that up! (LOL) We also use real butter in our house instead of processed spreads (truly healthier form of fat). The rest of the list - no problem! I went down a size since switching jobs in Sept. -it's just more active and there is no time to eat. (LOL) Good luck to everyone! My personal goal is to get my 6 yr old DD really into SBing.

Julie said...


We use real butter too, but during this challenge, only for cooking and only in moderation. I had to add it to the list because Mr. Lindsay loves to take crackers and scoop them with butter!

Jen Martakis said...

Sounds like there's nothing left to eat! lol Good luck to you!

Happy New Year!

random me said...

HUmmm... I'd be in dept already. Just this morning I've already had a brownie for breakfast and white bread with butter and pasta for lunch along with a diet mountain dew. Good Luck! You are stronger than I am!

Gail S. said... are making it hard! Everything that is any good is on that list!! Best of luck.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I do believe that butter and diet soda would be the most difficult for me. Plus, once in a while, a little taste of chocolate (especially at a certain time of the month) just NEEDS to happen. Sorry, too much information, but it's true. You Cosmo Cricket people are hard core dieters! You go Cosmo team! Good luck! I'll be trying, but I cannot make any promises! I believe for me . . . it has to be moderation on everything! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to all!

Thank goodness you still have:

Potato Bread
Almond Butter
Wheat Thins
Maple Oatmeal
Cracker Jacks
Vanilla/Praline Fudge
Jello Jigglers
Italian Ices
Fig Newtons
No Pudge Fudge
Hot Tea
Hot Chamomile
Vanilla Mint Latte's
Vanilla Anythings
Baked Ritz
Quiznos & Salads
Juicy Juice
Swearing in Code ( Oh pickle pops!)


scandi said...

NO MORE COOKIES! I'm so sick of cookies. I think I ate myself into a diet because I can't stand anything on that list anymore from all the holiday over-eating...

Casmiles said...

I'm gonna have to create my own list. They say everything in moderation, so I could NOT give up's a deal breaker for me. Withdrawal, headaches, not to mention the stress of NOT being able to have it. Happy New Year!

Jessica said...

For all the people saying no, I'm saying yes! I have a two and three year old, my three year old says: "Jack ass" and "damn it" a little more often then I'd like. And I can't be robbed of $10 I didn't say the words, I typed them! :)

I just need some self control, will power, and a nice swift kick in the rear!

Elaine said...

I've managed to cut these foods out already, except for BUTTER! AGH! The only other thing I'm adding for myself would be alcoholic beverages..but I can do it!

AuBien said...

Love the list. I'm on board!

Susan said...

deal Julie....... you KNOW that there are days that a piece of chocolate would be TOTALLY worth the $5 to me! and honestly, no swearing?!?!? come on..... you KNOW how I am!! though not as bad as SOME people! lol!!

I am doing WW and think for me that will be more successful and long term. let me know when I should start sending Lindsay anonymous cookies and potato chips! ;)

wendy said...

I'd lose a lot on the no swearing thing. How can I give up chocolate AND pop? I'll take baby steps.

Jenny B in Indy said...

I definitely cannot do this. Ice Cream is my weakness.
Good luck to those of you that do, you're my heroes :)

Anonymous said...

I would probably handle all except the chocolate part, I loooove chocolate and there is a reason why I don't handle diets very well.... I cant live without chocolates


Charlene said...

Good luck to you!! I've gone back to my exercise routine. 50 min. of aerobics 5X a week and walking the dog 2 miles.. Can eat nearly anything I want that way...well, almost. I don't do soda of any kind unless it's a sip of root beer occasionally, chocolate isn't a biggie and chips aren't either but cookies, cake, and pie....OH MY!