Monday, December 08, 2008

Thrifty Gifty #4

Hello Everyone. Hope you had a great weekend!

I love the idea behind this project. I can't take credit for it though. A friend of mine, Laurie Hahn, told it to me. It is a book on tape. What is fabulous about the idea though, is that you either read a book onto tape for someone you know (child, nephew or niece, grandchild, grandparent, etc) or you send a book and tape to someone (grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc.) and have them read it onto tape and send back to you. It's a great way for long distance relatives to stay connected, which I really appreciate since I don't live close to mine or Eric's parents.

You'll notice that the book in my photo is not new. You don't need to purchase a new book, it's also really a special gift to just have someone close to a child read their favorite story on tape for them.


ScrapMomOf2 said...

This is a great idea! This is a wonderful way for kids and their grandparents to stay connected! I love "Where the Wild Things Are"!

Maren said...

So special! I just LOVE this second son is named 'Max'. :-) In hindsight, I wondered what I was thinking...setting myself up for trouble with a 'Max' from the "Where the Wild Things Are" and a 'Calvin" from Calvin & Hobbes.

AuBien said...

Oh my goodness....this is so incredibly awesome and I can't believe it never occured to me. I love it. My children would love having relatives read to them when they aren't able to be near.

My mind is on video...I'm getting out the camcorder!

ScrapAloha said...

That is totally cool! I'm going to do that for my nephews. TFS!!

Tendrils said...

AWESOME idea!!! I am going to do this for my nephews who live out of state and then ask my mom and dad to record themselves for my little guy!!!!

I love it1