Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cosmo Late Night Blogging

So yesterday was my "rookie" debut as a Cosmo Cricket Blogger. I had discovered a couple of things about myself :
#1- Sometimes I can be a little long winded, okay a lot of the time. Did anyone else fall asleep?
#2- Never blog late at night. What sounds funny late at night, isn't that funny in the morning. Our office manager who is very sweet, read the blog and almost cried. She felt bad for me. It sounded funny as I laid in bed half asleep when I wrote it. I guess the truth does hurt.
#3- That being a better speller would be good. Julie woke up this morning and hurried and changed all of my misspelled words. Thanks Julie! would you mine fixing this one for me also?
And Last- Make sure that my blog doesn't come up as Julie's Blog ,which could confuse people even more when discussing my gender.
We appreciate our Blog readers- I'll make sure that we take good care of you when we release our new lines in the coming months!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Name Game

The following is a post by Lindsay Moore our salesGUY. He is posting under Julie's cosmogirl name which could only add to your confusion:

I always thought Lindsay was a pretty name for a girl and for the life of me, I could never understand why my mother would give such a great name to me, a boy. I have three sisters, and I think that they were jealous that I got the best girls name.

Guys named Lindsay get no respect. As children we run for our lives, to avoid getting beat up. I can still hear the other 8 year old boys saying, " Hey, there's that kid with the girl's name! "Let's get him." I wasn't very fast, but I became very good at hiding and remember offering candy in exchange for my safety. My heart still pounds just thinking of it.

As a teen, I tried to act masculine when introducing myself by developing a strong handshake, talking deeply, and making the name Lindsay sound cool. " Hi, I'm Lindsay, oh, you can call me Lindz". Lindz? What kind of name is Lindz?

I decided in High School to start using my middle name. That didn't last long. It was a challenge when in every class ,everyday they called role and said "Lindsay Moore?" "Lindsay"?. After a few seconds I would reluctently say "here". I knew with a surety that every student in the class was thinking "Hey, he told me his name was Dean, whats that all about."

I can see why John Wayne changed his name from Marion to John. I can also sympathize with the song "A Boy name Sue' made famous by Johhny Cash."

It's kind of funny that a guy name Lindsay would end up in the Scrapbooking industry. It's almost like destiny! I started in this industry when another manufacturer had advertised for a National Sales Manager. I was living in Wyoming and faxed
over my resume. I recieved word that I had an interview and that I would need to be at thier offices on a certain day and a certain time. I arrived at the assigned time and waited in the lobby as several people would walk by. I sat for over a half hour until, the Vice President, who had walked by previously, asked if he could help me. I explained that I was asked to come to an interview. He asked my name and I told him. I could see the wheels in his mind turning. I then said, "you thought I was a girl."He apologized and said that he did. Needless to say, I got the job!

Two weeks ago. Eric and I ran a 5K. My daughter and her husband ran also. Eric and I didn't stay for the results but I recieved a call about an hour after the race from my daughter, She said "Dad, Steven finished second in his division and Eric, he finished 6th in his division. Dad, Dad you finished fourth..............................................................In the womans division!"

I love what I do and am very comfortable being a boy Lindsay!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I Am Thankful...

Before Christmas gets here, I wanted to take a minute and remember Thanksgiving. I have made two lists of things that I am thankful for. One is things that I am genuinely thankful for that are personal and important to me. I will not be sharing that list. Instead I will share my list of things that I am truly grateful for, but that aren't personal or important.......... at least on the same level as the other list.

Here goes:
Chocolate: Can you imagine a world without it? Those little squares of heaven have gotten me through a lot of tough times........ I have the pant size to prove it.

Sparkly Lotion: This wonderful little creation is the answer to a prayer. I just didn't know how I would make it through the cold, bleak Cache Valley winter at my new home before I discovered this sunshine in a bottle. I tried it at Bath and Body one night and maybe went a little overboard. Ok, I came home shining like a disco ball. Eric got a good laugh and told me he loved it. He got me some for a surprise a couple weeks later and I have been sparkling ever since.......... a nice, reasonable sparkle.

My email chime: That beautiful little sound makes my heart jump as a smile creeps onto my face and I think, "Ah, ha.......... somebody wants to be friends."

Music: It can change a mood, bring back a memory and make me fall in love all over again. And, if that isn't enough, Eric and I can dance to it thoroughly embarrassing our older children.

Downey in the Purple Bottle: Have you smelled this. It's just like baby powder mixed with vanilla. Wash your sheets in it and you will love going to bed even more....... if that's possible. But, be forewarned I gave a bottle to Lindsay's family (when I love something, I like to share) and they loved it until they found out they are allergic to it. Apparently it doesn't smell good enough to make up for the hives.

Life: You know, I have a pretty good one. In fact, sometimes I worry that disaster must be lurking right around the corner. But, it hasn't found me............. yet.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's Been Too Long

Sorry for the lack of posting. So, to make up for it....... at least a little bit.......... here are two items of interest for you. First, there is a Cosmo Contest going on at Create My Keepsake. Even if you're not up for playing, you can get some great ideas there. Second, look at these super cute Buck Naked Ornaments. One of our sales reps used the ornaments with our coordinating diecuts and a bunch of glitter as a Make and Take. Who new that Buck Naked was so cute with glitter? (You really need to click on the photo to see the full glittery effect.)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cosmo Projects

Eric and Lindsay had this great idea of putting a project up on our website every two weeks. We have already posted the first one (shown here), but I thought some of you might not go to the main site that often. The project is complete with photo, instructions and supply list. Use it to recreate our project or use it to inspire something of your own. To download this project, click here.