Thursday, March 06, 2008

Back to Scrapbooking Related Things...

Former Cosmo Picasso Lisa Guidry sent me this layout. I love her style and I love how Springy the Hey Sugar papers are here!Living in Providence, Utah I am sooooooo looking forward to spring. There has been snow on the ground since October.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Completely Non Scrapbooking Related

This is Jack. It's true he is completely irresistible with those little buck teeth and mischievous eyes. And, it's a good thing too, because this young man refuses to be potty trained.

I have trained three children already and so I have the general idea down. But, this child wakes up dry. He gets me a diaper before he's gone in the one he's wearing. If he's in the tub and he gets the urge, he tells me that he needs a diaper. Everything seems ready to go for potty training right? OHHHHH noooo!!! Because this sweet, adorable child will have nothing to do with the potty. He cannot be bribed. He cannot be enticed. He cannot be tricked.

And, speaking of potties. I had to go shopping for a new one because our previous one got thrown out when we moved. I now own three different potties. The problem with the first one was the little boy's guard. It is way too small to guard anything. If he were to actually pee while sitting on it we would have a mess all over!

So, I was on to potty purchase number 2. This time, I made sure that the guard was big enough. What I didn't consider was that it might fall off at the slightest touch, landing on the floor where it can't guard anything....... or worse yet, landing IN the potty.

Needless to say, I was back at the store for my current potty purchase. The fancy potty. This potty makes lots of noises. It has a pretend flusher and toilet paper roll that play songs when they're used. It congratulates your child for opening it, sitting on it and peeing in it........ if only my child would do these things!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Silk Ribbon Thank You's

For very special people and very special projects, I love using silk ribbon. This is a product used by people who love doing silk ribbon embroidery, so if you go looking for it, look by the embroidery floss.

You'll find silk is the most wonderful stuff to work with. It comes in lots of beautiful colors and it bunches and gathers in the loveliest way. Here I simply used a needle to stitch it in and around the die-cut flowers and as the border. (Click on the image to get a better look at what I'm talking about.)

The paper is from our Fleuriste Collection.