Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Love is in the air....

Yes, this should be a scary Halloween post, but instead let's fast forward to Valentines.

Maybe it's the release of Hey Sugar, maybe it's the blissful Cosmo Cricket work environment or maybe it's something in the water, but it seems that it's not possible to work at Cosmo and not get married. It all started one sunny day last May when Kiley married Stephen. We didn't make much of it. Surely marriages happen to single women and this was just one of those cases. But, then Lynette announced that she is getting married the end of this month and the very next week, Kristen came into the office with............... a wedding dress!!! She said, "it's not really official" as she explained that this dress was just perfect and the date is set for February. The "official" will happen when she gets the ring they have been shopping for. So, in February there will be no single women working for us.......... unless we happen to have an unexpected job opening and a lucky single girl finds it......... but should that happen, I'd guess she won't be single for long!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

First I would like to thank.....

I just received notification from Creating Keepsakes that Cosmo Cricket is a finalist in two categories of the Reader's Choice Awards. We are super excited!! I never thought I would have the chance to do this:

First let me say that just being nominated is such an honor. I want to thank all the fans that voted for Cosmo Cricket (if it weren't for you, none of this would be possible), Eric for all his support (I couldn't have done it without you Eric), Lindsay for his amazing sales skills (you know you are awesome), our printer for their expertise with color, our wonderful clients that have supported us with this important work, my mother for making me eat my broccoli, the mailman for bringing us our mail, the accountant for finding us money, the guy at the make-up counter for picking out good lipstick colors, Aretha Franklin for saying a little prayer for me. This is the part where my eyes glisten just a little, a tear trickles down my cheek and hopefully I am called up to the stage instead of the other nominees.

Back to reality, we are truly honored and hope to keep up the good work. Thanks so much!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Cosmo Picasso: Debbie Olson

Debbie Olson is more of a card maker and paper artist than scrapbooker and so we are introducing our first ever Card Maker Cosmo Picasso. We just love her work! Here's a little bit more about Debbie.

What makes you tick?
I need to create something that is visually satisfying--something that I can look at when I’m finished and be pleased with. (If that doesn’t work, there’s always caffeine.)
Why are you so wonderful?
Hmmm. I’m not sure that I am! I have my moments when something lovely happens easily for me, but the majority of the time I spend plodding along and tweaking things to eventually make them work. It’s that old 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration principle of success!
How did you become a scrapbooker?
First, I’m not sure that most people would consider me a scrapbooker. I most often scrap in small doses—little thematic books that are gift books or memory books. The thought of filling an indeterminate number of huge pages paralyzes me with indecision, but smaller books with a specific purpose work better for me.

When you hit a slump creatively, how do you get out of it?
I peruse the online galleries and a few creative blogs or magazines. I also go find a stamp set and papers that I have loved and succeeded with before, and play with them again. If those things don’t help, a good night’s sleep is usually in order.
What’s your favorite thing to do besides scrapbooking?
I enjoy papercrafting in general, but I also like working with stained glass when I have time. Apart from crafting, I love taking walks through the woods with my seven-year-old and listening to his stories.
What tried and true technique can you always rely on?
I pull out my “big girl crayons” (i.e. Copic markers, Prismacolor pencils, or watercolor crayons) and color something! I also enjoy layering, sewing, and distressing paper.
What music do you listen to when you scrapbook?
I rarely listen to music as I scrap. Quietness is bliss after a day of answering questions! (I teach my son at home.)
What’s your most embarrassing memory (that you are willing to share) and did you scrap it?
I generally choose to repress rather than share embarrassing memories! But if you need one: I was shopping with my husband in a large home improvement chain store in an unfamiliar city. The store was set up almost the same as the one that I was accustomed too, except that its floor plan was a mirror image. I needed to go to the bathroom. It wasn’t until I was washing my hands that I looked in the mirror and noticed those odd sinks hanging on the wall behind me. . . No, I don’t think I’ll scrap this one.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Love This!!

Ok, so my sister in laws are really great at coming up with fabulous, little ideas! This is the work of Amy Comstock-Combs. What I really love is that because these albums were made as gifts, she created a display for the shadow box that can be removed so the recipient can replace it with memorabilia if they want. I thought it would be really cute to do an album with different displays that you could change out for the seasons.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Before and After

So, Lindsay's been working out a lot lately. He's very committed to his program. And it's really working, just look at these before and afters. He is amazing, isn't he?

PS: This is why you should never become friends with people who play with Photoshop.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Little Gifts

This project was just sent to me by our Design Team Coordinator, Tami Comstock. Yes, you might recognize the name, she is my sister-in-law also. Anyway, I thought these were such a cute idea. She made the tag cards out of the "Be Good" paper folding up the lower edge to make a pocket. Then she used the "Buck Naked Ornaments" with their matching die-cuts to make a little gift for the recipient of the card. Such a clever and easy way to let someone know you are thinking about them!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Eric!

Eric works downstairs and I work upstairs, so I emailed this poem to him for his birthday.

There was a man downstairs
That suddenly became aware
That he was getting older.

His metabolism was slowing down.
Hair was thinning on his crown.
Dandruff was on his shoulder.

He started to panic a little
When he got a roll round his middle
And he didn't know what to do.

He put the gym on his planner.
Started using sunless tanner
And wearing clothes from J Crew.

His wife at him would smile
He thought it was his new style
Causing those sparks to fly.

In truth it was that he
Though as silly as could be
Would always be her guy!

Happy Birthday Eric