Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Update on the Lindsay Giveaway

I saw some of you ask if Lindsay was handy around the house. Well, I can tell you that this is not his strength. The only power tool I've known him to use is a lawn mower.

However, others asked if Lindsay does dishes. I can tell you that he does. In fact once, he and his wife were watching my kids for me. I was later getting home than I thought I would be so Lindsay brought the kids over to my house for bedtime. He got them to clean up their rooms (he always has bribes) while he cleaned up the rest of my house (humiliating to be sure, but nice at the same time). Then he put them all to bed.

So, I guess I really can't give him away. My kids would be devastated. They think he is cooler than Superman, funnier than bodily noises and nicer than grandma. Besides that, I can't find a shipping company that will transport him. Something about it being inhumane?!?!?

Anyway, he is definitely the craziest family member, albeit adopted in, that I will spend time with this holiday season. And, he will post the winners for yesterdays contest this afternoon.


pattyb said...

Ahh shucks! I was making room for him in the basement already. I was being hopeful.

Mandie said...

I was thinking he would be pretty fun to have around! LOL.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

A man that does dishes! Oh, Mr. Lindsay's wife is a lucky lady!! Wow, Julie, your kids think, "he is cooler than Superman, funnier than bodily noises and nicer than grandma?" WOW! That's saying a lot!! Bodily noises can be hysterical!

Erika M. said...

He sounds awesome!

Janie said...

Bummer. His room is already ready for him. Now what am I going to do with the pet mouse I got him.....guess I will let the cat play with it.