Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sarah Smile....

Because you Sarah, who has a fear of clowns,who has a dog named Riley, who's husband hates spiders, have just won $100.00 worth of Cosmo Cricket products of your choice.

Simply email with your wish list of the goods, and she will take good care of you.We want to thank all of you for sharing your "phobias" and in time, maybe with a little counseling, okay, allot of counseling, you will be able to overcome them.

With me....... I can't see that happening anytime soon!

OK, Julie's out of town and I'm not the most creative guy in the world, so I asked Krista to create a candy box using our "Oh Joy" Christmas collection and our Black Memory Box.

I love what she created! This is something that you can make and fill with homemade candies, dried fruit, or fresh baked cookies.
Every year at my house we struggle on what we should do for "neighbor gifts."

Helpful "safety tip":

Every year there are those neighbors, that aren't really neighbors, that live beyond the "neighbor zone", that bring you something and you have nothing for them. Make a few extra, just in case....

They will be shocked that you spent all of your time on them and may even begin humming the theme song to Mr. Rogers!

Enough of that, let the project begin:

Start out with Cosmo Cricket Memory Box and 3 patterned papers. I used Merry & Bright, Wrapping Paper and Reindeer Games, I also used the Oh Joy Strip Tease.

Decide which paper you would like to go on the lid and trace the lid onto the paper. Cut out. Once you have cut it out, ink around the edges.

Then Glue the top onto the box, I use Quick dry adhesive but spray adhesive or modge podge would work as well

Once you have the top glued on, decide which paper you would like on the sides. I used Wrapping Paper. Trace the side of the box onto the paper to get the length and width and cut 4 strips out. Ink the edges.

Adhere the strips to the edges.

Next, choose some ribbon to go around the bottom edge. I chose a scalloped velvet ribbon and I adhered it with scrapbook adhesive. Regular glue or hot glue would work well also.

Adhere the ribbon all the way around the box.

Now, lets do the inside (optional) I chose Reindeer Games. Trim the paper to fit the inside and adhere. I used Quick Dry adhesive.

For the ornament on the front I used our Buck Naked ornaments with the Ornament Fashions. Easy, glue the fashions on the ornament and ink around the edges, done!

Now I took the Journaling Cards and I cut out “Happy Holidays” ink around the edges and glue onto the box.

Now, I attached the ornament to a brown piece of ribbon, already tied in a bow. I ran scrapbook adhesive along where I wanted the ribbon to go and adhere. Trim the edges of the ribbon to fit.

Now, we need to fill the cut-out window. I took a piece of white cardstock and using our Jolly rub-ons I placed the rub-on where I wanted it, rubbed and done!

Glue it to the underside of the lid and you have a finished project!!

Have fun and remember, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!


Margie said...

Love it! I just got my 'Oh Joy' and Memory box today! I cannot wait to get it all together :)

StampinCathy said...

This is beautiful.

Sara said...


I am so super excited! I cannot I believe I won this- I am such a lover of your blog and product!

Thanks soooooo much!



Margie said...

OMG! I can't believe that my sis won!... and I didn't even realize it 'til I read the post for the 3rd time! LOL!!!
Go lil' sis!

Lindsay Spencer said...

Congrats Sarah!!

That candy box is fabulous!!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Congratulations Sara! Way to go!!

This box is beautiful! Great job Krista!!

marlis said...

super idea and it's so darned cute! gonna have to make one myself

Erin Glee said...

Sara must have said "WAHOOZIE!!!!" with a smile!
Great job on the box, Krista! Won't you be my neighbor?

patty w said...

Beautiful indeed!

Crystal said...

OMG thats so amazing I have all of that line just waiting for me to do something!