Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm kind of feeling like Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon's Vacation

First, I need to thank everyone for sharing their Thanksgiving memories!

I must say, I have been astonished by everyone that has posted concerning the giveaway that Eric and Julie posted early today.

I will try to respond:

Ria, I'm not handy at all, but Lulu I do do (oops) dishes.

Jennie, please no pet rats.

JJ, what do you mean by "can we draw for Jon the Warehouse Guy?"

Colleen, I don't think your husband would be jealous. i can see he and I enjoying a football game, stuffing our faces, and falling asleep on the couch!

Jean, Nebraska? I hear the wind blows there? Is that true?

Patti B., sorry basements, Lindsay's, and Mice, well that isn't my idea of a really good time.

Carol, you guys are never going to let me live the mouse thing down. Do they have therapists that can help me?

BishopsMommie, my wife would say "no trade backs."

Donna, how did you know that I like trivia?

Christine, I am certifiable crazy! Have you seen "The Shining?" Am I scaring you?

And last Beverly....... If you won my weight in Cosmo goodies, it would fill up a U-Haul. Well almost.

And speaking of winning, Colette, AmyR., and Carolyn King, no you're not going to Disney World, but you have won fabulous Cosmo Cricket products selected just for you!

All you have to do is email krista@cosmocricket.com you're address and then start stalking the UPS man!

Have a great day!


Julie said...


That is the weirdest thing! We were updating at the same time.

pattyb said...

Lindsey, sorry to scare you with the basement and mice comment. You will always have a special place in my heart though. We met briefly at Scrapfest and you were very nice to my sister. My sister is my favorite person in the whole world. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving Cousin Eddie.

Jean H. said...

Yes, Lindsay, the wind does blow in Nebraska -- it could blow you right here, into my co-workers arms!

Colleen said...

You really pegged my husband. You must have meet him before.

Mr. Lindsay said...

Even though there are only three comments, well........ they crack me up! Patti, thanks for referring to me as Cousin Eddie! Colleen, I thought i knew your husband. And Jean.... Hmmm Jean! I get this sense that you are a match-maker.Thats one of my super powers too! It's fun.
Does the wind really blow that strong in Nebraska?

Rachel said...


Donna said...

Lindsay, I win at trivia. You don't know the answer. Wow that must be a first for you.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I know of no therapists, but I was only mentioning the mouse traps! I sincerely wanted to win you . . . like I said, I think you're hilarious, and I love to laugh!! I knew Julie wouldn't give you away! That's OK!!

Congratulations to Colette, AmyR., and Carolyn King!! Way to go!! Winning Cosmo goodies is definitely something to be thankful for!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

NanaBeth said...

I'm really sorry I missed this one.
Would having to make potato salad for my ex-husband (17 years worth of ex) to take to his family's annual Thanksgiving/family reunion counted? Wait-that makes me the crazy one doesn't it?
Congratulations to all and wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Carolyn King said...

Woohooo--I AM so thankful to be a winner! Thank YOU!

Jean H. said...

You are a crack-up--we have had such a good laugh over this. I'm glad Julie won't give you away; she would miss you and your sense of humor. Yes, I have played match-maker -- it's great fun. And, yes, the winds do blow that strong in Nebraska... :-) Have a great Thanksgiving.

Colette said...

Awww, thanks for the goodies and thanks for always cracking me up!! I'm off to stalk the UPS man now...*hehehe*

Happy Thanksgiving crazy Cosmo Cricket family!! =)