Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Quick and Easy Advent

Here's a simple little idea done by Tami Comstock. She made an advent calender by stringing together a chain of things to do printed on our Be Good papers. I had her send me the phrases she used, but you could easily use your own family traditions. I plan to make a "family service" chain to inspire random acts of kindness between my kids.

Tami's Phrases:
Day 1 - Read a favorite Christmas story aloud together.
Day 2 - Sing (and maybe dance) to a Christmas song.
Day 3 - Make some Holiday cookies (and take a plate to a neighbor).
Day 4 - Cut out paper snowflakes to decorate your house.
Day 5 - Dress up and pose for Christmas pictures.
Day 6 - Cuddle up and watch a Classic Christmas movie together.
Day 7 - Serve up some warm hot chocolate with marshmallows and candy canes.
Day 8 - Get out the Christmas decorations and put them up.
Day 9 - Take a walk outside and enjoy the beauty of the Season.
Day 10 - Go Shopping !!!!
Day 11 - Do a secret good deed for someone. Shhh! Don’t tell!
Day 12 - Gather your Christmas cards and sign and mail them together.
Day 13 - Put money in the Salvation Army bucket at your nearest store.
Day 14 - Leave a secret treat on someone’s pillow for them to find tonight.
Day 15 - Talk about the Christmas symbols and where they came from at dinner.
Day 16 - Bake more cookies and treats.
Day 17 - String popcorn to decorate with.
Day 18 - Visit a Nursing home/Hospital and cheer up someone for the Holidays.
Day 19 - Any snow out there? Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or sled!
Day 20 - Read the Christmas story in the Scriptures ( Luke 2).
Day 21 - Go Christmas Caroling to friends, family, and loved ones.
Day 22 - Wrap presents.
Day 23 - Take a drive around and look at all the Christmas Lights.
Day 24 - Celebrate Jesus' birthday.


Susan said...

I made one of these this year! course, with MY boys, I ended up using Christmas jokes for each of the links!!

lfalduto said...

Geez Tami, you've done it again! I love this idea!


Michelle said...

I am definitly going to use these next year with my 2 kids. I am making your ornaments this weekend!
Can't wait!!

Becky said...

Great idea!

Chris said...

this is an awesome idea !!!!