Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cosmo Late Night Blogging

So yesterday was my "rookie" debut as a Cosmo Cricket Blogger. I had discovered a couple of things about myself :
#1- Sometimes I can be a little long winded, okay a lot of the time. Did anyone else fall asleep?
#2- Never blog late at night. What sounds funny late at night, isn't that funny in the morning. Our office manager who is very sweet, read the blog and almost cried. She felt bad for me. It sounded funny as I laid in bed half asleep when I wrote it. I guess the truth does hurt.
#3- That being a better speller would be good. Julie woke up this morning and hurried and changed all of my misspelled words. Thanks Julie! would you mine fixing this one for me also?
And Last- Make sure that my blog doesn't come up as Julie's Blog ,which could confuse people even more when discussing my gender.
We appreciate our Blog readers- I'll make sure that we take good care of you when we release our new lines in the coming months!


lfalduto said...

That is post number two! I think you are now officially a regular blogger Lindsay!

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Paper Princess said...

I can't wait to see the new releases ;)!!!! Any hints??? Pretty Please....

Chris said...

new releases???hwen where? what?? I need details!

Susan said...

:::insert Susan's regular tantrum regarding new release info here::: lol!!