Friday, December 07, 2007

The Cosmo Christmas Party

This year to make our Christmas party a little more memorable, Lindsay (feeling encouraged by my post yesterday) set out to write a Cosmo Cricket Christmas Party Poem. It is really so much better "performed" by him, but pretty good even when read.

We’re Glad you’re all here,
We care about you
This rhyme I have written
So without further ado………..

This year at the Cosmo,
We hired Lynette,
We feel very lucky
This hire to get

She worked on some lines,
They did very well,
She got married to Arthur,
Which we think is swell!

Let’s move on to Kathy,
Our Kit-maker plus,
In the office and warehouse,
She works without fuss!

There’s Kiley
Who also got married this year,
She hope’s all the credit cards,
And checks they will clear

Then there’s Kristen, who
Starts work at eight,
She got engaged to Mike
Who we think is great

So what’s in the water
At Cosmo these days,
Everyone’s getting married,
We hope they all stay

Nepotism at Cosmo?,
Oh no! That can’t be!
In the warehouse there’s Jon,
And in the office Beck-y
Related to Julie,
by marriage and blood,
Becky is awesome,
And Jon he’s a stud

Adam and Chris,
Brother’s okay,
there young and hard workers,
but sometimes will play

Guitar Hero,
I’ve heard,
And it’s not only them,
It’s Joey and Jon,
And the UPS Driver Jim

We had Joey for awhile,
On a mission he went
To Brussells, Belgium
For his church he was sent

And Blaire this past year,
A new job she did take,
She works next to a place
That serves seafood and steak

We went to some shows
And did dandy indeed
We sold Biography albums,
In Black Leather and Tweed

I haven’t forgot about Carrie
The bills she must pay,
“Bring me the money”,
and “Bring it today”
Aspens been calling,
And the guy who brings toner
I wish she could find
a rich guy to loan her

Tehawna, you thought
That there’s no rhyme for you?
Oh darling, at times,
When the warehouse is a zoo,
You would bring in the troops,
Organize and get ready,
Let’s see, there was your mom and dad,
And our neighbor named Debbie.

Me, you might ask
A rhyme about me,
I crash into walls,
With a forklift you see,
Some say I’m like Michael,
From The Office, the show
I’m charming, delightful,
with places to go
If this is true,
Who’d be Dwight, Pam, or Jim?
I work at a Paper Company,
But I am not him

You see he is goofy,
At times funny things he does say,
I think he’s like me,
and money should pay

Last but not least,
Eric and Julie,
Our fearless leaders
The design of new product,
Our success, there it teeters.

With the kids at there side,
They set the plan of attack
While fixing lunch,
For Abby and Jack.

The products they make,
Are the best in the land,
The Original _________ is new product planned

Eric he say’s,
“J-UUUUU-L-I-E come here,
I have a new paper,
Which completion is near”

“Can you help for a minute?”
And finish the rest,
We must beat everyone else,
I want it the best.”

And Julie say’s “Eric
What are those veins in your head?,
If you keep stressing like this,
You’ll surely be dead.”

So together they work,
And work very hard,
To design products that you can
Make into a page or a card

These artist you know,
Think different indeed
I’m glad we have them,
For Cosmo to lead.

I hope you enjoyed, this rhyme I did make
Now place you’re order,
and don’t order a steak!


lfalduto said...

OH my gosh Lindsay....this is awesome! Really fantastic job...sounds like it was a fab party!


monicajo said...

Great job on the poem, That was too cute.

Chris said...

omg tooo funny!

Davinie said...

Ha ha! Very cool. I wonder what you would have done if I worked at Cosmo. Wowee!

Cosmogirl said...

Davinie, how about this:

And then there's Davinie
A fabulous designer
Her cards and projects
Get finer and finer.

What will she do next,
We all hold our breath
Whatever it is,
I'm sure we'll love it to death!

Davinie said...

Bestill my heart, a poem with my name in it. Love it Julie! Haha!