Thursday, December 06, 2007

Limerick Wars

Those of you who have read our blog since it's inception know about the Cosmo Sign Off and our wacky sense of humor. But, what you probably don't know is that "Limerick Wars" are a frequent happening at Cosmo Cricket. It all started when Lindsay had a bad day. To try and make him laugh I sent all email correspondences to him in limerick.

Since then, I have been challenged to a couple of limerick wars. This means that the challenger and the challengee must put all emails in limerick form or concede victory to their opponent. I can imagine some of you asking if we ever actually work at Cosmo and I would respond, "Can you call it work when it's this much fun?"

Most of our limericks contain information that cannot be shared in this setting, but Lindsay wrote the best limerick of the last challenge and I thought it deserved being published.

Well, this has been quite fun indeed
My pants at times I almost peed
Your poems were so funny
You could make money
Selling poems instead of Biography Albums in tweed.


lfalduto said...

Now that is the kind of fun I like to have....I am a limerick girl for sure! Hey we should all try it on the blog, huh? Come on, lets chime in!

You Cosmo folks are funny
You make my days so sunny
Your blog is just the best
I stalk it like a pest!

Ok, who is next?


Cosmogirl said...

Lisa, You need the last line and it has to rhyme with sunny. How about, "I want Lindsay for my honey!" or "I hope you all make lots of money."

icl said...
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lfalduto said...


Or how about...

I want Lindsay's nose to be runny!

Melanie said...

I've been away from this site for awhile.
And I see you still make me smile
This blog is a hoot
and a horn I shall toot
and tell everyone "Cosmo has style".