Thursday, February 05, 2009

Meet Kristen, Our Girl Friday

Since we have been making introductions, I thought we should introduce you to Kristen. This is the girl that Lindsay refers to as Radar O'Reilly because whenever you ask Kristen to do something, she almost always tells you that it's already done. She is the most organized person at Cosmo Cricket, definitely the most polite and just a fabulous employee....... although she is not my daughter as one gal at the trade show thought...... I would have been 14 people!!!

(I'm waiting for a photo of Kristen, but you may remember her as the young blonde with the Mickey Mouse ears from our videos.)

Anyway, here are 25 random things about her, by her:
1. I have an amazing husband and we have been married for almost one
2. I have a birth mark in a shape of a football on the bottom of my
3. I love to dance! I started dancing at the age of four.
4. I played basketball in the 7th -8th grade. I was horrible and I
always got yelled at for dancing during b-ball practice.
5. My mom never spanked me- at least that's what she tells me. And I can
only remember one time when my dad was upset with me. I hope my kids will
be well behaved!
6. I'm the youngest of four children in my family.
7. I love running! My sister runs with me but she's super fast. The only
time I was able to keep up with her was a month after she had her 3rd
8. I love Thai Food
9. The only meat I eat is chicken and fish.
10. I have 2 nieces and 5 nephews
11. There is nothing better than reading a good book! My husband doesn't
share the same enthusiasm. He tends to get ignored while I read.
12. I grew up on a ranch in Idaho
13. My house is always clean. I'm a little OCD.
14. I wish I could play the piano but I'll learn someday.
15. I hate fire.
16. I've never broken any bones.
17. My husband taught me how to ride a dirt bike.
18. I enjoy going to Lake Powell with my family.
19. I hate grocery shopping.
20. My husband is a better cook than me.
21. My favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls and Jon & Kate plus 8
22. I'm always cold.
23. I took gymnastics when I was young but I stopped going after I did a
back flip and landed on my head. I was fine but it was a traumatic
24. I would love to have four children with my husband someday.
25. My favorite season is Summer- I love the heat!

Congrats Rebecca at 9:09 this morning, you are today's luck winner. It's a good thing I didn't post earlier, you barely squeaked into that drawing! By the way, for those that wonder how we choose the winners, I use a random number generator.


Tona said...

Congrats to Rebecca!
It was also nice to get to know Kristen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristen! (waving)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Hi Kristen! Great to get to know you! My husband feels ignored when I read too!

Congratulations to the winner! Way to go!

Julie and Lindsay -- way to go on the healthy lifestyle!

Anonymous said...

nice to meet you (again) were so stinkin' sweet at CHA! thanks for letting us get to know a little about you!

Maren said...

She is seriously ADORABLE!!

Erika M. said...

Congrats Rebecca! Kristen sounds like she's a cool lady.

marla said...

Hello Kristen. Great to know you!!

weewiccababe said...

nice to get a little insight into the folks behind the scenes.
it must be such fun to work at cosmo cricket

Liz said...

nice to know more about you kristen, and it was great meeting you @ CHA. Hope you all enjoyed Disneyland!

And Julie- seriously...married to Lindsey with Kristen for a daughter, what kind of people were in your booth?

aabegs cabalde said...

She's cool. Wish I could be able to meet her and share her my good tips for a healthy living on facial cell therapy service.