Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We got Jon back with a "no-questions-asked" reward. He is super busy in the warehouse, which should keep him out of trouble for at least a little while.

We are working on getting images of the projects shown on air with the TSV. Those projects were sent to CK by mistake. We'll keep you posted. If you send us photos of your TSV projects, I will compile them in our gallery for everyone to share.

We have another movie in the works, so if you liked our show photos, check back because you'll love this movie!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

I wonder if the Jon buttons will become hot eBay items? Can't wait to see ALL of the new stuff in stores! I'm still digging into my TSV . . . I love it! Your CHA booth looked awesome!

NanaBeth said...

I am sure this info is somewhere on the blog and I've just missed it-but when does all the cool new stuff start shipping?

Cosmogirl said...


The official response is February 28th. The top secret response is that the container came in yesterday and as soon as Jon can get things organized, we'll be sending stuff out!

Paula said...

I'm anxiously awaiting seeing some projects using the TSV. I bought it, love it, and have made 2 things so far. The papers, well the entire kit, are awesome.

ScrapAloha said...

Glad to hear he's safe and sound LOL!