Friday, February 29, 2008

DVD Envelopes

After you make you home movies. You might want to give them as gifts to family and friends. Even if you just keep them for yourself, it's fun to have a cute envelope to store them in.

To make your own cd cases, cut a 6x10" rectangle of paper. Score it down the middle at the 5" mark.

On one half (it doesn't matter which, but this will become the back side) you need to cut off a 1/2" strip from the score line all the way down on both sides of the paper. I know this sounds confusing, but it's really simple. What you should have now is a 5"x6" rectangle on one side of the score line and a 5" square on the other side of the score line.

Fold the paper on the score line.

Fold the overhanging 1/2" strips over to the other side and glue down.

If you want, use a circle punch to make a "pull-out" section like mine.

Then just embellish away! I had fun using the "throw-away" parts of the Honey Pie stickers to make my background.


Chris said...

what a great idea!!!

ScrapAloha said...

I love this! TFS!

Michelle*G said...

This is a fab idea! Love how you used the "leftovers" from the stickers! Cool. :)

karen (akaliz) said... a totally awesome idea.