Friday, February 08, 2008

Important Information

We are off to the show! I've packed 200 paper pads to give away to the first 200 stores at our booth. I figured that was more important than clean clothes.

While we're away, check the blog for show updates and other fun stuff.

I've been reading on some of the boards, that you would like more ideas on using the TSV. You know I'm always watching out for you ladies, so I'll be posting layouts, projects, cards and more made with the TSV kit. Check for them after CHA.

California..... Here we come!


Paper Princess said...

Super duper ;)!!! I'm leaving for Cali. today too....Cosmo is my first stop on Sunday- see you then :)!!!!

Susan said...

well I guess you COULD wash your clothes every night in your hotel room, right?!?!? lol!!

hot wave said...

Awww you're gonna love it here this week-end it will be mid to upper 70's. So you can just wear t-shirt and shorts. Don't forget your SUNGLASSES!

mphoinix said...

can't wait to see these inspirations, I wish I was there to get 1 of those paper pads :)
Have a great time

Paul-ene said...


Thanks so much for thinking of posting more CC ideas for the TSV kit. I snatched one up during the scrapfair day. Can't wait to see what you have for more ideas!

THanks Cosmo Cricket!!!!!
PS-I already got my kit in the mail. 4 days after I ordered it. Love QVC and the kit was packaged so nice and compact for 9,000 piece kit. SUPER! LOVE IT! Bring back Cosmo Cricket to QVC anytime!!!

Lynn said...


You rock! And I heard you saw my sign first thing on Sunday morning! I got your back, buddy! Have fun with the scrappie gals at CHA and next time you need a covert-ops partner, count me in!


Anna said...

Thanks for today :-) Diane in my Designteam will be so happy about the paperpad!!!!!
Anna, owner of Annas Scrapbooking in Sweden.