Monday, November 19, 2007

I Am Thankful...

Before Christmas gets here, I wanted to take a minute and remember Thanksgiving. I have made two lists of things that I am thankful for. One is things that I am genuinely thankful for that are personal and important to me. I will not be sharing that list. Instead I will share my list of things that I am truly grateful for, but that aren't personal or important.......... at least on the same level as the other list.

Here goes:
Chocolate: Can you imagine a world without it? Those little squares of heaven have gotten me through a lot of tough times........ I have the pant size to prove it.

Sparkly Lotion: This wonderful little creation is the answer to a prayer. I just didn't know how I would make it through the cold, bleak Cache Valley winter at my new home before I discovered this sunshine in a bottle. I tried it at Bath and Body one night and maybe went a little overboard. Ok, I came home shining like a disco ball. Eric got a good laugh and told me he loved it. He got me some for a surprise a couple weeks later and I have been sparkling ever since.......... a nice, reasonable sparkle.

My email chime: That beautiful little sound makes my heart jump as a smile creeps onto my face and I think, "Ah, ha.......... somebody wants to be friends."

Music: It can change a mood, bring back a memory and make me fall in love all over again. And, if that isn't enough, Eric and I can dance to it thoroughly embarrassing our older children.

Downey in the Purple Bottle: Have you smelled this. It's just like baby powder mixed with vanilla. Wash your sheets in it and you will love going to bed even more....... if that's possible. But, be forewarned I gave a bottle to Lindsay's family (when I love something, I like to share) and they loved it until they found out they are allergic to it. Apparently it doesn't smell good enough to make up for the hives.

Life: You know, I have a pretty good one. In fact, sometimes I worry that disaster must be lurking right around the corner. But, it hasn't found me............. yet.


Jus said...

good list...I wish I was sparkly all the time...

Sooz said...

Thank you for sharing. You put a smile on my face.