Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Things I learned at CHA

It's amazing what you can learn in 3 days amongst throngs of people, most being women. Here's some of the quirky, funny and even useful bits of info I gathered.

Glue dots can be used to hold your clothing in place.
McDonald's hot chocolate machine doesn't work in July.
Vitamin E will moisturize your skin and lessen your wrinkles.
If you leave a camcorder out it will be stolen.
People love watching naked chipboard get dressed to music.
Sunless tanner can be totally realistic, but the application process involves several steps and tarter control toothpaste.
People even remember the shoes you wore at the last show.
Union workers can be bribed.
Don't rent a car without GPS.
You cannot buy a slip at Target.
Cricket Cola doesn't taste very good, despite it's name.

PS: We already have five winners. In fact, they already have their prizes, but thanks for playing and spelling better than us!


Tami said...

Well, I didn't get to go to the show but what *I* learned (from the online photos) is that Cosmo Cricket had two more lines that were previewed and they were AMAZING!!! Can't wait to see them IRL! Love the Gretel line!! Thanks so very much!

Tami said...

see....told ya I need to proofread more often...that should have been were NOT previewed. Or at least if they were I missed them somehow.

Susan said...

lol!! wish I had been there to know where a few of those lessons came from! is it bad that I knew the one about the McDs hot chocolate machine?!?! how sad is that! lol!

Judy B. said...

I met and learned that all the people from Cosmo Cricket are super! I can't waint to get all your wonderful papers.

Julie said...

I have used glue dots to hold clothing together as well! I thought I it was such a smart discovery that I couldn't wait to tell people about! Ya beat me to it! Sounds like you had a bit of a rough time. Sorry about the camera!