Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How to get ready for CHA

1. Buy a completely new wardrobe.
You only see most of these people 3 times a year so you don't want to show up in the same outfit as your last meeting.

2. Color your hair.
You've maintained the myth of your hair color this long, you wouldn't want to ruin it now.

3. Stock the house with food that can be microwaved.
This will insure that your children will be fed while you are gone.

4. Ship your product samples early.
This prevents your two year old from opening the packages and taking them apart. (Learned this one the hard way just yesterday.)

5. Make sure the person you think is taking you to the airport knows that you think they are taking you to the airport.
This will make you less likely to miss your flight. (Eric learned this one the hard way and was taught by Lindsay)

6. Make a calendar of all your kid's appointments for the sitter.
That way you will know what they missed and need to reschedule.

7. Put emergency numbers by the phone.
If you don't they will end up needing them.

8. Buy your kids souvenirs and hide them in your closet.
You will be too busy once you get there.

9. Pick up the shirt that Lindsay forgot.
Otherwise, he will be Buck Naked for his presentation.

10. Kiss your children goodbye, tell them that you love them, and cross your fingers for a really great show.


ole68_2000 said...

OMG too funny Have an awesome time!

Sharon said...

or maybe you could fashion a shirt for Lyndsay out of MANY MANY ties!

Susan said...

am thinking good thoughts for you guys for the show this week!!! wish I could be there.....KNOW it will be great!
and has anyone told you about the half naked eyelet guy from ACCI 2003? maybe Lindsay could be the half buck naked guy?!?! lol!!

Jennifer Kirk said...

Great tips! :)

I'm getting ready to leave my husband and son until Sunday! I didn't think about getting microwave food ready. I figured they'd just eat peanut butter sandwiches all weekend! :P

I'll definitely be visiting your booth at the show! :)

Tami said...

Hope you have a great show!!!