Thursday, June 28, 2007

Buck Naked Sneak Peek (now there's a title for you)

We never get tired of Buck Naked jokes, so here goes.

Buck Naked etiquette for the holiday season:
Be thoughtful of others and ask your friends if they would like to get Buck Naked for the holidays.
Being discrete drop hints letting your husband know you would really like him to get Buck Naked for you.
When your family drops by, ask politely if they got Buck Naked and how they liked it.
Be good and maybe Santa will get Buck Naked for you.
If someone does get Buck Naked for you, remember to say thank you.

One final tip, once you get Buck Naked, cover them quick with our die-cut fashions so that they won't catch a chill.


Susan said...

I have total unadorned LOVE for these!!! I could use a set RIGHT NOW for the layout I have sitting NAKED on my scrap table.....maybe I need to put it away for a month or so?!?!?

lfalduto said...

You are a hoot Julie! I am just dying here in Wisconsin to get my hands on those buck naked pieces!


ole68_2000 said...

OMG I want these, I need these, i gotta have these!!!!!!!!! I need to get Buck Naked!

Cosmogirl said...

Just wait! All the shapes that come in the package are not shown here. And, can I tell you that the fashions the fit them are sooooooo cute.

butterfly843 said...

Love those, they would be perfect for my christmas cards.

lfalduto said...

WAAAHHHHHH!!! More that I can't see? More shapes you say? And you plan to dress them?

Hopping in my car to see them all Buck Naked while I still have the chance!


Davinie said...

Oh dear. These are super, super cute. Can't wait to see more.