Tuesday, June 19, 2007

1 Business 4 Children

Things to be prepared for when starting a business while raising four children:

Daughter yelling, "I pooped on the potty" in the middle of a conference call.
Peanut butter stains on the proof sheets the printer is coming to pick up.
Sales Manager's white board "to do list" being replaced with sunshine and butterfly doodles.
Only having two productive hours of the day....... naptime. Then, working all night.
Warehouse doubling as a skating rink.
Learning to type with a two year old sitting on your lap, randomly clicking the mouse.
Missing a deadline because your fourth grader forgot to tell you that he had a county-report-shoe-box-float due the next day.
Second grader telling the class that her dad doesn't have a job anymore, now he gets to stay home and do scrapbooking.

I am not making these things up. They actually happened, many of them more than once. But, there is one more thing you should prepare for.......... having a blast watching your kids and company grow and do amazing things.


inkyheart said...

Love the 'dad doesn't have a job' comment. As the mother of two 1st graders and a 3rd grader, I loved what one of the teachers said at our first meeting, "I'll believe half of what they tell me, if you believe half of what they tell you." I'm glad you have a sense of humor about it too. They grow up on us so quickly...

Isabelle said...

you made me laugh out loud, i always wondered how people could be stay -at-home moms and have a business. i see it doesn't always run smoothly but you get lots of great memories.

sara berry said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I need to print that out and frame it! So true!