Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cosmo Girl

Although our employees are threatening mutiny if we don't sneak peek our new releases, we are holding tight. Sneak peeks are coming, but it would just frustrate you to see them now and then have to wait 4 weeks for them to hit the stores. Right?

So, instead, I'll share this comic Lindsay cut out of the paper for me. I'm not quite sure how to take it?!?


Davinie said...

LOL! Well, that's funny, but it just doesn't satisfy my curiosity for all things Cosmo. We are now T-minus about 28 days until show time. I think you need to make the Cosmo employees happy by catering to their desires to share all product Cosmo. Happy employees are productive employees. And productive employees make Cosmo happy. Don't you want to be happy?

Tammy Nichols said...

OOH OHH Me! I am a Cosmogirl, but not THAT kind of Cosmo girl. I shave my legs!!!!!!

Bucket said...

Oh that is cute!!!