Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Eric!

Eric works downstairs and I work upstairs, so I emailed this poem to him for his birthday.

There was a man downstairs
That suddenly became aware
That he was getting older.

His metabolism was slowing down.
Hair was thinning on his crown.
Dandruff was on his shoulder.

He started to panic a little
When he got a roll round his middle
And he didn't know what to do.

He put the gym on his planner.
Started using sunless tanner
And wearing clothes from J Crew.

His wife at him would smile
He thought it was his new style
Causing those sparks to fly.

In truth it was that he
Though as silly as could be
Would always be her guy!

Happy Birthday Eric


lfalduto said...

Happy Birthday Eric...cute poem Julie!


tanB said...

Hey Eric!
Happy Birthday from sunny South Africa! (Ok, so it's not sunny. It poured - cat's n dogs last night - much needed rain.
Can't wait for you and Julie to come back to SA.
Lots of CosmoAfrica wishes!